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Small Space Organizing Solutions

Small Space Organizing Solutions

  It can be a challenge to stay organized when living in tight quarters. The less room you have, the more challenging it becomes to find a place for everything to fit. Making use of every bit of available space is crucial to proper flow as well as to finding what you need when you need it….

Spring Clean Your Entry

Mudroom Organized by Chaos To Order

  What began as a cluttered mess turned into organizational delight with the addition of a few bins and containers–and of course, Chaos To Order organizing! We started the process by going through the coats one by one, and weeding out what was no longer being worn. Heavy winter coats were brought down to a…

Friday Favorite: Text Expanders


If you spend too much time typing things into your computer, here’s something that will boost your productivity. Text expanding applications allow you to type a few keys and a longer string of characters, words or sentences will appear. They are huge time savers for repetitive tasks. Spending a little time up front to create…