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Friday Favorite: Creative Uses For Command Hooks


The great thing about Command Hooks is that you can hang them anywhere with the option to remove later. Our organizers love to use these hooks because they can help make so many things more accessible and more organized at the same time. Rather than just writing about all the great uses for Command Hooks, here are photos of some very creative uses. Hopefully they will inspire you to hang a few and organize something of your own.


This first image uses Command Hooks for jewelry. It’s a great way to maximize otherwise unused space in a closet and even if you don’t have any vertical space to use, you can even adhere hooks to the wall behind your clothes! Great for jewelry, belts, even accessories that go with the items hanging nearby. Think about how you might be able to use every crevice of that closet. 


Friday Favorite: Step Basket

Here’s an item that’s super handy when you’re putting away things on different levels. I always put stuff on the stairs and keep the policy that if there’s something on the stairs, don’t walk up without bringing it (although the kids are really good at walking past). This basket is a nice holding zone, but beware not…