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Get Organized for Tax Season

Woman at Desk for Tax Time Tips

With 2014 behind us, it’s time to make sure the year is buttoned up and all tax-related documents are organized and ready to be processed. Previous years need to be archived properly for future access. Create a System: Have a well defined system for collecting important tax documents and forms. It will come in handy…

Organize Today In Case Of A Road Emergency

Emergency Sign

With all the extreme weather all over the news, it’s important to consider your own possible emergency situation. Heavy snow and cold weather can make getting stuck or stranded a reality. Consider keeping an emergency preparedness kit in your car. Here are some suggestions for items to consider including: Phone Charger:  Always keep a phone…

How To Organize Digital Documents


Do you constantly save documents and files onto your computer without ever taking the time to clear out and organize what you don’t need? Our computers come with tons of digital storage, so why do we need to take the time to organize them? The answer is simple, if you keep too much, you can’t…

Firewood Storage Solutions

Firewood Storage Solutions

There’s nothing like a cozy fire on a cold winter night, but getting to that cozy fire can require the effort of making sure firewood is dry, available and accessible. The amount of wood you store depends on the frequency of fires you make, in addition to the amount of storage space you have. I…

Clean Off Your Desk Today!

messy desk

Today is National Clean Off Your Desk Day. It’s a perfect opportunity for you to take a little slice of your day and move your focus to the top of your desk. You may think that the piles on your desk are no big deal and you “know where everything is”, but the truth is,…