Professional Organizing Packages

All Chaos To Order organizing services include any of these options if desired:

  • Initial assessment of the project
  • Goal setting with our “Identify the Chaos” form
  • Customized action plan
  • Directions for optimal organization of space
  • Homework suggestions
  • Supply recommendations
  • Follow up (by phone or email) to discuss progress
  • Before photos taken of the project, if desired

Confront the Chaos Consultation

Typically, our initial consultation takes place on the phone. But if you prefer an expert walk through, we can come for a consultation to explain what we do and how we will go about the process.

We can also provide a unique action plan, if your super motivated to get organized on your own. During this one hour in-home consultation, we will create a step by step plan of attack to bring the chaos to order.

Office Overhaul

  • 8 hours of one-on-one office organization to clear desk/file space and paper clutter
  • Can be divided into two 4-hour one on one organizing sessions
  • Filing system creation/maintenance
  • Digital file organization
  • Digitization of documents
  • Supply recommendations
  • Scanning & shredding as needed upon request

Ultimate Unpack

Moving is the best time to get organized. Every single thing should have a place to belong. We will help determine the most efficient and organized places to keep everything.

  • For unpacking and organizing of household goods we recommend 2 organizers for 2 days or approximately 32 hours
  • Our expert organizer(s) will meet movers and/or boxes on moving day or to help at anytime during the unpacking process
  • You can even go to work on moving day. When you arrive home, we’ll give you a tour of your newly organized space!

Chaos Maintenance

Don’t have time to do it all yourself? Our fastidious experts will keep you organized year-round. We can maintain order throughout your home or office. Schedule your organizer to come on a regular basis or as needed to keep the chaos from creeping in.

  • 8 hours per month, which can be divided into two 4-hour sessions

Virtually Organized Session

Are you outside our service area? Are you just not ready to have us come in to organize? Get some guidance and direction with our Virtually Organized Session.

  • Review of organizing project via your digital images
  • Analysis of project by a Chaos to Order professional organizer
  • 30 minute phone organizing session
  • Homework given
  • Action plan created


  • All organizing sessions have a 4 hour minimum
  • We accept Visa, MasterCard, checks, and cash
  • Parking and supply costs are additional
  • Travel fees may apply (1/2 of our hourly rate per hour the organizer drives) outside of our service area (35 miles outside the city)
  • All packages must be purchased in advance of services rendered
  • 10% additional charge for appointments held over holiday weeks

Call (847) 825-8400 for pricing details