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Read what our raving fans are saying about their experience with Chaos To Order…



“Love Chaos to Order and I will definitely be calling them again.  What is slightly embarrassing is I used to be a professional organizer myself, but work and life and kids kept my little projects piling up.  Kirsten was a great help in getting my home office and master closets back in order.  Both had projects that were hard for me to complete without taking time off work.  Her help was totally worth it, now I can spend a vacation day actually taking a vacation vs organizing.” Alison T




“We were kind of paralyzed by the mess in the garage and I just kept avoiding taking the time and energy to get it to where it would make sense.  Jenny came in, arriving on time and in a mask, and got us to where we needed to be.  She asked good questions to understand our needs and had a ton of energy.  The garage is now tidy, organized and we can easily find everything .  I am assuming that at some point my husband and I will stop standing in the garage marveling at what it has become :)” Lauren S.

“Rebecca was awesome!  Had a great remote session first so she could send me a very organized list of things I had to do to achieve my goals.  Then she came in person and helped me both pitch things I was clinging on to (do undisguisable cords sound familiar?) and great ideas to have less paper clutter, something I struggle with all the time!

She is going to do some research for some beautiful home office organizing containers for her next visit.  I’m super excited to have a clear, fully functioning place to do my work.” Deborah F.





“Chaos To Order came onto my radar at exactly the right time. We moved home after 14 months in temporary housing due to a fire. We have two kids and no time to devote to getting organized. Rachel was our organizer. She was punctual, kind, easy to work with. She tackled the kitchen and office/sunroom, and made suggestions for how we could declutter and stay organized going forward. We look forward to working with her again, and we’re grateful that professional organizers can reduce our stress at home.” Krista K.

“Jenny came to help declutter and organize our kitchen. We are newly married and combined two houses into one so it felt very overwhelming. She was a great help in getting rid of and finding new ways to store things. She was so good and nice. I finally feel good about our kitchen.” MP Schimka





“Jennifer came into my home right after we moved and helped unpack and organize my kitchen and pantry. The better part is she came back when I had to go to work the next day and completely unpacked and beautifully organized my master bedroom closet in a way I never would have thought to do myself. Having this done while working (and with two young kids at home) was more than worth it!” S Baker

“This was my first time and won’t be the last, if you ever decide to use a professional organizing service use Chaos To Order. No matter the job, big or small they have professionals on every level to assist. Amazing what their organizers are able to do. Our organizer was Kirsten and she was relaxed, patient, and helpful in every way.” GD Williams





“My husband and I had our first decluttering appointment with Kirsten recently, and we both agreed it was money well spent. Kirsten helped us work quickly and efficiently to restore our living and dining room to their intended purposes, and not to junk storage as they had been for a long time. She was also friendly and resourceful, giving us some good ideas for how to manage things going forward. Finally, she took a carload of stuff off our hands, to be donated or disposed of accordingly. We look forward to working with her again in the near future to tackle the rest of the house.” E McFee

“I now think of professional organizers as superheroes and/or fairy godparents. Thank you, Rachel, for making my life easier after a chaotic move home after a fire with two kids. I recommend Chaos To Order.” K Kutz




“I have gotten to work with Sue (in office) and Karen in my home and both have been extremely easy to work with! Sue has been so friendly and thorough and Karen brought a fresh perspective to organizing our kitchen that we very much needed! Looking forward to working with them both again in the near future! :)” Amanda

“I just had knee replacement surgery and my wife had throat surgery, but the team from Chaos to Order came in the day before major closet reconstruction. We hired Closet Works to redesign all of our closets but the pots, pans, and clothes had to be removed. Chaos To Order did an excellent job…and once the closet construction is complete they are coming back.” A Norman




“I worked with Sharon from Chaos to Order, and she was simply terrific! She patiently helped me work through over 25 years of clutter at my mom’s house so that my mom could come home from rehab to a nice home. Sharon really went above and beyond, and my mom is very happy with the uncluttered environment. I could not have done it without her! I highly recommend Sharon and Chaos to Order.” M Smith

“Just moved to Glenview and my daughter arranged for Chaos to Order to unpack and organize. They were fabulous! We were up and running in a few days thanks to them.” Debi

“I was THRILLED when Chaos To Order agreed to come over and help me with my chaotic kids’ room, of all things. No job too small (or weird). I was a little embarrassed at the state of this room in my house, but was assured that there is absolutely NO JUDGEMENT…only support. I think the very coolest thing that transpired over those few hours is the fact that Monica spent significant time with each of my daughters INDIVIDUALLY, without the distractions of other siblings (or even parents), in order to get a good glimpse into what they value….The end result was ASTONISHING! …I am forever indebted to Chaos To Order for their assistance in what seemed like a loosing battle. And they have found a long time customer in me!” M Mara




“I hired Chaos to Order to help me reorganize my kitchen. For a variety of reasons, our home remodeling project was put on hold and I knew I had to do something to survive until then. The Chaos to Order professional came armed with ideas on which things to put together and where to put them in a 15 year old kitchen. Now, I can at least function in my kitchen while we plan the remodeling for 2017! Great group…I would clearly use them again and am planning to for a major walk in closet project.” B Cohen


“We have had them out two times. For our kitchen she organized it in a way that made total sense. Next, they did our closets and she found room that we didn’t even know existed. Very nice and great to work with.” M Barnum

“I use them regularly. I’m a regular client with them now. Chaos to Order is certainly
not cheap but it’s worth it.” DB Hardt

“Kirsten from Chaos to Order was super helpful. She got so much done in 6 hours. She was
truly pleasant and a professional.” K Kinahan



“I have used Chaos to Order many times over the years and have always had an exceptional experience! The providers are professional, efficient, helpful, patient, and fantastic organizers. Recently, I had their help organizing my office, garage, and a large storage space. Not only is everything beautifully organized, items that could be donated were taken from my house and brought to the appropriate charity. I had the pleasure of having both an organized space and the knowledge that someone else might be able to make use of things I no longer had use for.  I highly recommend Chaos to Order for any type of organizational needs!” P Pappas

“I thought that they were a wonderful company and did a very great job. I would recommend them to friends and to family. Unbelievable Job! I would have never dreamed i got the closets and cupboards I have! I had Vickie as a consultant. She was prompt and reliable. Very creative.” Nancy C