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Friday Favorite: Google+ Stories

Most of us use Google as a search engine and for Google Docs and Gmail, but there are so many other Google perks. Earlier this week I learned of a tool in Google+ Photos called stories. After coming home from a vacation it’s so fun to show family and friends your adventures, but often they…

Travel Light Tips

Summer Travel

Gone are the days of throwing everything in your suitcase and jetting off on vacation. With luggage fees and packing restrictions, it pays to travel simplified and organized. Here are some tips to keep your travels light this summer: Check your destination. See what in-room amenities are provided at the hotel to ensure you only…

Organized Electronics Charging Station

Charging Station Drawer

Where do you charge your electronics? Chances are you’re charging near your bed while asleep, so do you have an organized place to store your phone, or is the cord dangling around your bed or night table? Here the solution I found. My night table has drawers, it’s always great to maximize storage space with…