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Basement Flooded? Get Organized!


The recent flooding caused many basements to flood with water backup, including mine–ugh! For those of you who have been putting off getting that basement storage area organized, now you have no choice, you have to go through it all. Here are some tips to get it organized quickly: Be Ruthless. If something has been…

Organize Your Files


Filing is a task that is often thought of as drudgery. Taking the time to put papers away can be a hassle—but there’s no denying, it’s time well spent. Have you ever put off filing only to have piles start stacking up around you? Here are some tips to keep your files what they should…

Is Your Email Efficient?


Here’s a post I wrote for NBC Chicago’s Inkwell Blog: We’ve told you how to deal with cleaning out email in Detox your Inbox, but what about the email that you want to keep and refer to in the future? If you need to respond, save or act on an email, do you let it just…

Friday Favorite:


Do important tax related receipts clutter your desk? Are you loosing out on deductions because you don’t have an easy, organized system for keeping track of receipts? is a terrific website that can solve that problem and many more.   The cloud is becoming the go-to place for storage of documents, but cloud storage can…