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Cash in on Your Clutter


Chaos to Order is partnering up with, a great family friendly website that can help you cash in on your clutter. The campaign we’ve partnered on is called “Baby On Board”. They’ve conducted a survey and gathered some interesting data about new parents making room for baby. Here are some of their findings: The…

NAPO Conference 2009


I spent last week at the annual conference of the National Association of Professional Organizers in Orlando Florida. Attending this conference is a great opportunity to connect with other professional organizers around the country, learn about new trends and view some of the latest and greatest products and technology. It is inspirational to hear the…

Tax Deadline Day


Today is April 15th, hopefully by now your taxes are filed and finished. Use today as an opportunity to weed out the old and make room for new files and papers. Get everything related to your 2008 taxes together and place them in a bankers box labeled 2008. Hopefully by now you have created 2009…

Closet Clean Out


Last week was spring break for my children, and unfortunately my oldest son Eric had to have his tonsils removed, so it was not the most exciting week for anyone in the Friel household. However, staying home actually had some great benefits in the spring cleaning department. We went through each of the kid’s closets…

Dream Drawer Organizers


One of my favorite home organizing products is Dream Drawer Organizers. They are spring loaded drawer dividers that expand 12″-18″. You can place them anywhere inside the drawer and they stand upright and secure. They are perfect for socks, underwear and lingerie. There is a new variety that are shallow and can be used in…