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Friday Favorite: Handbag Hangup


Last month we had the pleasure of visiting the International Home and Housewares show. Of course there were tons of containers and organizing gadgets in every size, color and shape, but here’s one product we thought was unique that you might find useful: the Handbag Hangup. It’s great for keeping purses and bags visible and…


Another Raving Fan…


We love to hear feedback from every client. Karen, our office manager, always says making organizing session follow up calls is one of her favorite things to do each day because she loves the joy people express. Here’s an email she received yesterday. I happen to love them even more when they write them down…


Basement Flooded? Get Organized!


The recent flooding caused many basements to flood with water backup, including mine–ugh! For those of you who have been putting off getting that basement storage area organized, now you have no choice, you have to go through it all. Here are some tips to get it organized quickly: Be Ruthless. If something has been…


Organize Your Files


Filing is a task that is often thought of as drudgery. Taking the time to put papers away can be a hassle—but there’s no denying, it’s time well spent. Have you ever put off filing only to have piles start stacking up around you? Here are some tips to keep your files what they should…