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Are You A Cyber Hoarder?


A cyber hoarder by definition is, “when an individual has an excessive amount of pointless word documents, pictures, etc. saved on their computer that they will never look at”. So I was recently asked, “when does saving documents for safety’s sake turn into cyber hoarding?” My belief is that cyber hoarding is not much different…


60 Days Until Christmas!


Can you believe there are only 60 days until Christmas? If you’re planning to entertain at home this year, now is the time to get those household projects crossed off your list. Planning a party is great motivation to finally get to those tasks you’ve been putting off. Whether it’s fixing up that guest bedroom…


Clear Handled Storage Baskets


It’s time for Friday favorites. Our organizer Maureen just loves these clear handled storage baskets! They come in two great sizes and the handle in front makes them so easy to grab. They are great in the kitchen, bathroom, or any area you need to store some smaller things. We get them from our friends…


Friday Favorites


We are going to start showing you some of our organizers favorite tools of the trade on our new, “Friday Favorites” post. Vicky is known at Chaos To Order as the “Queen of the Closet”, when she organizes a closet, and any other drawer, she absolutely loves these Dream Drawer Organizers! They are spring loaded…