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My Dirty Little Secret Drawer


As a professional organizer people assume I maintain an orderly environment everywhere I go–wrongo! The key to being and staying organized is having good systems that work for you, not against you. Chaos ensues like crazy in my very busy household, but one of my favorite vices is my secret drawer. I have a 5″…


Laundry Litany


Ok, we need to talk about laundry. Everyone has it. It’s a fact of life, so as an organizer and efficiency expert, it’s my job to help you find ways to make it easier. Here are some of my favorite laundry room tools that can help lighten the load. The first, these terrific collapsible baskets…


Heading off to College?


Are you heading or sending someone off to college soon? It’s the time of year when parents take the giant leap of sending their kids away to college, often for an extended period away from home for the very first time. I just dropped my 13 year old son off at summer camp for his…


Good Storage is a Must


It all boils down to storage. What you store, how much you store and where you store it. Having a place for everything and a quick way to reach it is the secret to keeping yourself organized and efficient. If you have 10 minutes to pick up a room or tidy up a desk, you…