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Tired of Covid Clutter?

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We’ve all spent more time at home this year than ever before. If you have a knack for neatness, maybe you’ve been able to tidy up. If you can’t seem to get organized no matter how much time you’re home, maybe you need some direction. Start organizing that Covid clutter with these tips: Home Office…

Unpack and Organize Your Kitchen


The kitchen is the most important area of the home when it comes to organization. From unloading groceries to food preparation, clean-up, etc.. the kitchen is the heart of the home. When Chaos To Order organizers unpack a kitchen, we think not only about being able to find things quickly but also about making the…

Staying Organized During The Pandemic

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Our lives have all been changed in some way recently. Working from home and E-learning has thrown our daily routines into a tailspin. Managing home, work, and family is more complicated than ever. Here are some tips to keep you organized through the chaos. Utilize Your Calendar Scheduling time, including meetings, projects, personal time, and…

Basement Flooded? Get Organized!


The recent heavy rains caused many basements to flood. As much of a disaster and pain it is, find the silver lining and use it as an opportunity for major organizing. For those of you who have been putting off getting that basement storage area organized, now you have no choice, you have to go…

Virtual Organizing Sessions


Since we are still on quarantine and can’t get out to help our clients, we are going to do what the rest of the working world is trying and connect virtually! Now you can purchase a 30-minute professional organizing session for $49.00. We can assess the space during the session, or you can email photos…