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Listen to Monica on WGN Radio as she speaks with Lou Manfredini of House Smarts on Getting Organized in 2021





Professional organizers on Steve Harvey show hoarder

A husband’s messy home business is creating problems in his marriage. When his wife asks Steve Harvey for help, Steve calls upon the expert organizers at Chaos to Order. They will help bring organization to this couple’s house.

Watch the dramatic before and after photos. See how Chaos to Order’s organizers transform a disorganized basement and office into a productive, money-generating business.

Professional organizers on Steve Harvey show hoarder

Chaos to Order was asked back for a second appearance on the Steve Harvey show. Monica will help another messy husband get organized.

Chicago Public Schools

4th graders at Rogers Elementary get organized for National Clean Off Your Desk Day with the help of Chaos to Order.

ABC 7 Chicago

Chaos to Order helps ABC 7′s Tracy Butler organize her desk and office.


Tom Skilling’s office is revamped by Chaos to Order for National Clean Off Your Desk Day.

CBS 2 Chicago

Mary Ann Childers at CBS 2 Chicago has her desk and office organized by Chaos to Order.

CBS 2 Chicago

Holiday organizing tips to keep your decorations in order.

Fox News Chicago

“Mess Masters” shows how Chaos to Order is the affordable option to getting organized.

Oprah Winfrey Show

“Chaos to Order, what a great business!”
– Oprah Winfrey