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Professional Organizer Service for Chaos To Order Special Offer


Standard Level Professional Organizer Service

per hour

Our Standard level organizers have all been hand-picked and professionally trained. They are highly qualified to impress you with their organizing skills. Professional organizer prices for standard level are listed below.


Click hours below to purchase

3 hours              $240

8 hours              $630

12 hours            $920

20 hours         $1,499


Senior Level Professional Organizer Service

per hour

Our senior level organizers have built an established client base and are in high demand. Some have expertise in specific areas such as technology, coaching and managing larger projects.

Click hours below to purchase

3 hours              $285

8 hours              $745

12 hours         $1,095

20 hours         $1,785

Virtual Organizing

  • 30 minutes of one-on-one Face Time or Zoom call with a professional organizer
  •  Review of organizing project via your digital images
  • Organizing tools and containers suggested
  • Create Organizing Action Plan

Standard Level      $49          Buy Now

Professional Organizer Service Office Overhaul

  • 8 hours of one-on-one professional organizer service office organization with a senior level professional organizer
  • Can be divided into two four-hour sessions
  • Filing system creation/maintenance
  • Digital file organization
  • Supply recommendations
  • Scanning & shredding available upon request

Standard Level      $630          Buy Now

Senior Level          $745          Buy Now

Control the Chaos Sessions

  • 12 hour package with a professional organizer to work on various projects.
  • Sessions can be divided out.

Standard Level            $920           Buy Now

Senior Level             $1,095           Buy Now

Maintain Order

  • Regular ongoing maintenance to keep you organized
  • 20 hour package of professional organizer service
  • Sessions can be divided out

Standard Level           $1,499          Buy Now

Senior Level               $1,785          Buy Now

Ultimate Unpack

  • Two professional organizers to meet movers and/or boxes on moving day
  • Unpacking and organizing of household goods for 2 days or up to 32 hours
  • You can even go to work on moving day. When you arrive home, we’ll give you a tour of your newly organized place!

Standard Level          $2,350         Buy Now


  • We accept Visa, MasterCard, checks, Venmo, Zelle and cash.
  • Parking and supply costs are additional.
  • Travel fees may apply (1/2 of our hourly rate per hour the organizer drives) outside of our service area.
  • All packages must be purchased in advance of services rendered & are non-refundable.