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Chaos to Order gives presentations to a variety of groups, from large businesses and government agencies to small social groups. The topic of the presentation is up to you, and can range from office efficiency and time management to home and photo organizing. Help get your group’s members motivated to stay organized.


Topics include:

  • Time Management for Busy People

  • Keeping Up With Chaos: Managing Work & Family

  • Staying Organized In A Digital World

  • How To Organize Your Work Space

  • Home Organizing From Attic to Basement


If your group could use even more than a motivating speech, why not try our interactive workshops? We will present a speech on topics of your choice, followed by individual consultations with members of your group.

Monica Friel, professional organizer
Monica Friel speaking on kitchen organization at Kenmore Live Studio

Presentation on kitchen organization at the Kenmore Live Studio in Chicago