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It’s Sweater Season


Fall is here, sweaters and coats should now be fully accessible. Do you know where your sweaters are? If you were in an organized mode last spring and put them away neatly, you’ll enjoy taking them out, freshly folded and contained. If, however, you shoved them into a corner of the closet, this process may…

Give your Closet a Makeover

SC Johnson Right @Home

This is a repost from SC Johnson Right @ Home. Find the original article here: http://www.rightathome.com/Cleaning/Articles/Pages/create-your-dream-closet.aspx   Professional organizer Monica Friel has seen it all–from closets so full you can’t open the door to closets blocked by all the clothes and belongings filling the floor. We thought if she could handle those messes, your closet should…