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Keeping Linens Organized

Organized Linen Closet

How many extra towels and linens do you keep on hand? Many people struggle with linen chaos because they hang on to linens and keep too much. Do a thorough weed through of your linens and set some boundaries on how much you keep. Here are some parameters: Bed Linens: Keep one full set of…

Quick Tip: Organize your Linen Closet

Organized Linen Closet

Here’s a quick way to keep your linen closet looking super organized: Use labeled baskets on the shelves to store sheets. Blankets fold nicely, but those fitted sheets, no matter how neatly you fold them, still look straggly. Fitted sheets don’t really need all the attention of folding them properly because you pull them tight…

How to Organize Sheets

Organized Sheet Sets

Is your linen closet in chaos? When was the last time you gave the space where you store extra sheets and linens a good organizing once-over? Here are a few tips to keep your linen closet in tip top shape: Minimize: How many sets of sheets/pillow cases do you have for each bed? You really…