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Friday Favorite: SafelyFiled.com


Do important tax related receipts clutter your desk? Are you loosing out on deductions because you don’t have an easy, organized system for keeping track of receipts? SafelyFiled.com is a terrific website that can solve that problem and many more.   The cloud is becoming the go-to place for storage of documents, but cloud storage can…

Use Decorative Containers To Organize


This photo shows a good example using containers not only sort, organize and contain things, but also as colorful decorative accents. Using the right containers to house what you need and give you easy access is important in any home office, craft room etc. If you have open shelving, consider using the space for more…

Website Wednesday: Photobin.com


Do you have drawers of old photographs scattered around, taking up space and waiting to be organized?  Photobin.com is a great place to send your photos to be digitized. Just order your package and send in the photos, they’ll digitize and send you the photos back (if you want them back) along with a CD…